Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rabbit Trails

I snapped this little rabbit in my flowerbed -- nibbling on the green leaves of those yellow flowers.  He's so cute, I thought I'd just let him go ahead and enjoy his meal.  He reminds me of the rabbit trails I sometimes find myself following.

As Christians, we might be walking with God on the path of His choosing one day and then strike off on a rabbit trail that catches our attention the next day -- a rabbit trail that might seem innocent enough until we're suddenly confronted by a lion at the end of that trail.

This lion is safely behind sturdy fencing at the San Diego Zoo, but finding a lion in the wild at the end of the trail -- now, that's something to be avoided at all costs.  We can guess what happened to the little rabbit in this scenario, but what's going to happen to you? 

We can't fight a lion in our own strength.  So, one of two things can happen:  you either stick around and he does some serious damage to your person, or you call upon the name of the Lord to rescue you from your predicament.  God is so merciful and all-loving.  He's right there, ready to rescue you when you call on His name.  But -- can you always count on coming out of such an encounter unscathed?There are times when the lion may have taken a chunk out of you before you cried out to God.  Chances are you will have at least a few scratches to show for your digression off the path of God.

So -- how do we make sure we stay on the right path and avoid the appeal of rabbit trails?

King David is a great example of a child of God who followed Him closely, but followed a rabbit trail that was so long and serious that two people died as a result and he himself was badly hurt.  You might say he fell into a pit with a lion and it took him a year to call upon the Lord to rescue him.  Yet, God did not give up on His beloved child David.  He lifted him back up and even proclaimed David to be "a man after my own heart" -- the only person in the entire Bible of whom that is said.

We need to always pray, as David did in Psalm 86:11, "Teach me Your way, O Lord and I will walk in Your truth..."


  1. Very good post! So true how God is gracious to us, even when we fall. It's also true how awful sin is--and its consequences. There is so much we can learn from David's "rabbit trail." Thank you for sharing those thoughts--and also that awesome rabbit photo.

  2. Thanks, Lou Ann. I love to share pictures and, I know you totally understand this -- I love to share the truths God has given me. Don't you sometimes feel almost "driven" to do so? If anyone understands that feeling, I believe it is you, dear fellow-writing sister!


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