Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Battlefield

Never doubt for a minute that our daily walk along the path of life isn't taking us through a battlefield.  This photo shows a large three-dimensional marble picture that is attached to a wall in the courtyard of the Doges Palace in Venice.  It shows various pieces of armor - helmet, breastplate, shield and sword, but also the head of a lion at the top. 

While the lion's head in this picture probably represents Venice since it is the city of the lion, I prefer to let it represent Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah -- our King and great Commander.  I'm reminded by the pieces of armor of the verses in Ephesians 6 about putting on the armor of God.  Why do we as Christians need armor in the first place?

Walking with God doesn't mean we're surrounded by a "bubble" of protection to keep away evil and temptation.  You're still tempted and rough times still get to us.  On the other hand, God offers protection not only with His presence, but in the form of these pieces of spiritual armor to help us in the spiritual battles we face every day.  There's the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the Spirit - to name a few (see Eph. 6:10-20 for the whole story).
[photo taken in chapel at Fort Monroe in Newport News]
Rather than feeling fearful or in any way daunted by life or overwhelmed by your circumstances or your relationships, when you're walking across the battlefield with the almighty Commander God --  it's downright exciting!  Our Commander King Jesus knows where every hidden mine is planted.  When we're walking by His side, He'll say, "Stop, don't step there, danger lies just beneath the surface."  If we'll listen and obey Him, we'll be saved from a whole lot of unnecessary sorrow.

When we walk with God, He protects us.  That's not to mean difficulties won't arise, but every sadness or hardship He allows in His followers' lives is meant to be for our growth and believe it or not -- for our eventual blessing.   Praise God -- and pass the ammunition!

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  1. So very true. Walking with God is following His commands, as He is our ultimate Commander. We can always trust Him to lead us well.


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