Monday, June 17, 2013


We returned home last week from a grand three-week trip to Great Britain and Paris.  On our journey, we had a port call in Edinburgh, Scotland.  After a tour of the famous castle, Larry and I walked down the Royal Mile and stopped into St. Giles Cathedral.  I was not aware they were in the middle of Sunday service, but I've no doubt God planned it that way so that we'd be able to slip into a pew and experience the worship of God in this grand cathedral.

I am so thankful He led us to that service, because it was such an incredible blessing.  The photo above shows the view I had while sitting in the service.  In addition, there was a 50-voice choir and huge pipe organ to our left.  The preacher spoke with a Scottish brogue (of course!) and even asked the Lord to bless the Queen.  He had a good sermon and the choir's songs brought me to tears.

Afterward, when we walked around and looked at all the magnificent stained glass windows, I saw several of kings and one of the Lord as the King of Kings (below):

We'd been hearing so much about kings and queens and castles on our travels through Britain.  I was reminded how it is God who puts kings and queens on their thrones.  He raises one up and puts one down.  It's actually through no power of their own.  And, I love the knowledge that someday, every king and queen who ever lived will lower themselves and bow before our great Lord, who in this stained glass is pictured riding on a pale horse and coming in His glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

I'm also reminded that every person, be they a king or a slave -- all are equal in His sight and in His kingdom.  It is our heart's attitude that makes the difference, not our status.  Oh, praise His almighty name!!

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