Sunday, April 17, 2016

Joy in the Journey

Joy in the Journey - a Traveler's Tale with a Twist

I just published my latest book, which is an inspirational adventure through God's world.  It's a book I started about five years ago and recently polished up for publication.  The subject is one I feel strongly about -- that God offers us messages in the world around us on a regular basis.  We just need eyes to see and ears to hear, as Scripture tells us.

Most of the 44 chapters feature a photo taken either by myself of my husband Larry.  In the chapter, I suggest a message from God based around the individual photos, and help the reader become more aware of messages in the mundane that can be found in the world around them as well.  I greatly wish photos in the print copies could be in color, but I'm afraid the cost of the book would be far more than most people would want to pay.  Pictures in the ebook edition are in color if you have a color device.  Nonetheless, the message is the same and, hopefully, you will be blessed either way.

The book is available at Amazon in print and ebook.  Hopefully, you can click this link and get to my Amazon page:  Sandra's books, click here

I hope you will enjoy the book and begin seeing your own messages from God along the way.

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