Saturday, May 9, 2015


Winchester, Virginia
The first photo looks down the pedestrian mall in the center of old town.  Winchester is a most charming town and almost everything you'd want to see or do is within walking distance.  The town was founded in 1744.  The mall area above is two blocks long and is lined with historic buildings of many styles and eras.  There are shops and restaurants, museums and musical theater - and also a fun splash pad for kids (along with free public bathrooms).  If this all sounds like a tourist ad -- well, it sorta is, because I'd highly recommend a visit of several days to this beautiful town!

Right in the center of the mall area is the Old Court House Civil War Museum -- a very stately looking building and handy to pop in for a tour.  Winchester is a mecca for Civil War buffs.  I was told that during the Civil War, the town changed hands between the north and south over 70 times!  That has got to be a record!

Here's the kid's splash pad I mentioned.  It's free and fun.  If you forget a towel, the General Store across the mall always has a supply on hand.  By the way, Larry took these three pictures above and he did a good job too.

This is a handsome, aristocratic looking building.  It looks like it would be a university or some other very important building.  It's actually the Handley High School in Winchester.  Do you think the kids who go there appreciate how beautiful and special it is??  It seems John Handley donated a goodly sum of money to the town back in the 1800s and the money was used to build a beautiful, ornate library -- and this amazing high school.  It is actually the only privately-funded high school in the entire country. 
Pretty cool, huh!

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