Monday, December 2, 2013

Small World Moments

I love the stained glass featuring the "Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."  This beautiful glass sits above the entry doorway we're looking through in the second picture.  It's one of many lovely windows in the St. Mary's Anglican Pro-Cathedral Church on Grand Turk Island in the Caribbean.

We enjoyed our first port call for our recent Eastern Caribbean cruise on the island that is capital of the Turks and Cacaos Islands.  It was my favorite port.  You can glimpse the gorgeous azure blue water just beyond the opening.  Most of the town of Cockburn is located along the curving shoreline of these incredible waters.

When we stepped into the church to admire it's beauty, the docent there told us about the stained glass windows.  It turned out to be one of those "small world" stories.  Some years ago, a group of stained glass artists from a town in North Carolina, came to St. Mary's and installed these windows.  Amazing!  That town where Larry grew up and many of his relatives reside.  We had just been there  two weeks earlier for a family reunion.  It was one of those "wow!" moments.

As if that "small world" moment was not enough, there was another one at dinner on the ship the previous night.  We were sitting at a table in the dining room with five strangers who we were chatting with as we tried to get to know one another.  The couple beside me said they lived in Macon, Georgia.  Larry looked at me and said, "That's where Cliff --- lives."  He'd grown up in our church, we'd taught him in Sunday School as a teen, and his mother attends my Bible study.  Our new acquaintance, Jan, snapped her head around and said, "You know Cliff ----?!" 

We then proceeded to hear from she and husband, Tom, how Cliff had gone to their church in Macon and that Tom and Cliff had served together in the church, and what a fine Christian man Cliff is.  We were all taken aback by yet another "small world" happening.

It's just delightful to me the way God brings His people together, because these were dear Christians as well, and reminds us how the Holy Spirit binds us all together in a mysterious way that is exquisitely beautiful! 

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