Friday, March 16, 2012

It's A Small, Small World

It really is a small, small world after all -- just as the catchy Disney song in the Magic Kingdom ride of the same name suggests. After floating in your boat through the many scenes of adorable animated "children" in countries from all parts of the world and hearing that song play over and over, it has a way of sticking in your head -- never to be forgotten.

The song is not only catchy, it's also true. Over and over again, I've seen how very small is this world we live in. Just this week, I was once again reminded of that fact and found that little tune weaving its way through my thoughts again. Here's how it went:

I posted several items on Craigslist this week. A few hours later, I received an email asking about a chair I advertised for sale. I called the phone number she'd listed and had a nice chat with Gwen, who wanted to buy the chair. I told her where I lived. She told me she and her husband had just moved here and lived on the other side of town from us (about 25 miles). Keep in mind, the area we live in has over a million people. She said her husband's mother lived near us, so she knew where my area was. It was only then that I noticed the name on the email address line. I said, is your husband's mother's name so and so? She said, Yes! I then said, are his sisters, So and So? She said, Yes! I said, I knew your husband all through his childhood and know his family. His Mom goes to my church. What are the chances of such a connection occurring? Might we say "one in a million" -- as in God is in control of every atom that swirls around in this big, ole world.

I'd not actually seen her husband for several years because they'd been living in another state. I didn't even realize they'd moved back. Her husband also works with my brother and is one of his good friends. It certainly made our transaction with the chair easier since I now fully trusted giving them my information.

I'm reminded over and over again that when we live in a world this small, we need to always be on our best behavior. We need to remember whose child we are (we who are Christians) and make our Father proud when He sees how we treat strangers. Gwen and I were both nice to each other over the phone, even before we knew of a connection. When I discovered that Gwen too is a Christian, I was happy to know that both she and I had pleased our Father with our kind conversation with each other.

And on top of all that -- my chair is leaving one Christian home and going to another Christian home! I'm so thankful our Father's world is full of such wonders!

"The earth is the LORD'S...The world and those who dwell therein." Psalm 24:1

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