Saturday, March 3, 2012

"His Ways, Your Walk"

My dear friend, Lou Ann Keiser, has completed her long-awaited book, His Ways, Your Walk, which will hopefully be published soon. Here's a blurb I wrote about her book:
HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK is a practical how-to book for women who want to live for Christ in the 21st century. Lou Ann writes with the voice of experience and observation resulting from years working as a fulltime missionary wife and as mother of two children who are now happily married and serving the Lord themselves. It's not only the voice of experience, but the voice of authority that is evident throughout her writing. By the liberal use of relevant scripture throughout her book, Lou Ann lets the authority of God's own words speak truth to women's hearts. Thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter help make the message personal. Women of all ages who desire to walk in God's ways will be challenged, guided and blessed in their Christian lives by HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK.
I want to add that Lou Ann writes with humor as well. I like humor in a book, don't you? It keeps it from sounding too stuffy. Lou Ann is anything but stuffy. She's cool, as well as being a talented writer. Not only that, she speaks Spanish like a pro -- not surprising since she's lived there many years. I wish I could speak Spanish even a fraction as well. Oh, well, Lou Ann's new book will be available in English for those of you who are like me and need books written in our native language in order to understand even a fraction of what is being said. I let you know as soon as Lou Ann's book is hot off the presses. Adios!

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