Friday, November 11, 2016

Eastern Shore Trip

Love the Eastern Shore 
A few days ago, we traveled up the 70-mile long Virginia portion of the Eastern Shore.  This clever "Love" piece is on the beach at Cape Charles.  The "O" is a massive truck tire and the "V" is made up of two pontoons.  Love it (pun intended)!  We had a very enjoyable two-day visit.

This boardwalk is just around the corner from the "LOVE" piece. 
 Sand along the shoreline in Cape Charles is white and fine 

 Bayview Waterfront Bed & Breakfast is in Belle Haven, down many twists and turns, perched above a beautiful inlet and surrounded by trees and fields.  A lovely, off-the-beaten-path place to spend a night.  History and solitude surrounded us like a warm embrace.

God painted a beautiful sunset across the sky and then reflected it on the smooth surface of the water below.  He graced us with twice the color, twice the beauty, and twice the breath-taking joy of seeing the Master working on His palette moment by moment as the colors changed.  There's no doubt -- He is the Great Artist.

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