Friday, October 23, 2015



A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we neared the shoreline of the Netherlands (my husband Larry and I had flown through the night).  We soon landed in Amsterdam and took the train to city central and then walked a couple blocks to our Singel Hotel along the Singel canal.

Amsterdam was very much as we'd envisioned from pictures, but there's always something different about actually being there and experiencing the sights and sounds and "feel" of a place.  Although we'd heard there were many, many bikes whizzing around the city, we were still amazed by how extraordinarily many there were.  We had to be very vigilant not to get hit by a biker as we walked from place to place, not only that, but bikes are parked in every possible space.

Tall, skinny houses with ornate roof-lines were everywhere -- so picturesque -- and canals were almost as plentiful.  We read that there are 1500 bridges in Amsterdam, which is helpful when you need to cross to the other side of so many canals.  It all makes for a unique and charming city.  We visited the Rijksmuseum of art, the Anne Frank House, and the Royal Palace, as well as doing a considerable amount of walking.

It was rainy and chilly during most of our three days in Amsterdam, but we enjoyed our visit and found bright spots, such as these bright and cheery sunflowers at a flower market.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to experience some of the wonders of Europe -- and we are always thankful to return to our dear homeland of America.

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