Friday, July 18, 2014

Every day is a Voyage

We enjoyed an Alaskan adventure in June and I'll share some of these adventures in this month's posts.  When I saw a souvenir pad of paper with this quote, "Every day is a Voyage," I thought -- what a true statement!  I've considered life as a journey for years and now I can add voyage to the adventures of life that we all go through each day.

We spent three nights in Anchorage, one at Mt. McKinley Lodge, and two at the Denali lodge before traveling to Whittier to board the Coral Princess for a seven-night cruise. We finished our trip with four nights in Vancouver, Canada.  During those 18-days, we traveled by airplane, car, bus, train, ship, subway, and foot (lots of walking)  -- so guess you could say we covered most every kind of transportation used by average folks.

Thinking of life as a voyage is easy for me.  I sometimes feel like a little boat bouncing around on rough seas or just floating around with no real purpose.  I know I need my heavenly Captain to steer my little boat into the right shipping channels and help keep me on course for what He has planned for my life. 

I'm reminded of several famous voyages recorded in scripture.  Jonah's ill-fated voyage heading for Tarsus instead of Nineveh as God had instructed him is full of excitement and a great example of God's will coming to pass.  I love that God had probably prepared that big fish for Jonah even before he boarded the ship.  When God said to Jonah, "Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it, for their wickedness has come up before Me," He knew the outcome and had a lifeboat of sorts waiting to rescue His child from certain death in the deep.  That is so like our heavenly Father -- to rescue us and love us and continue to use us -- in spite of our disobedience.

The second famous voyage involved the apostle Paul and his voyage to Italy.  Early in the voyage, Paul warned the captain it was too dangerous to sail at that time, saying, "Men, I perceive that this voyage will end with disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and ship, but also our lives" Acts 27:10.  People just don't listen to good, Godly advice -- consequently, they frequently experience rough seas in their lives.  In this case, Paul's warning came true and the ship sunk within sight of the island of Malta.  God used this situation to bring glory to His name just as He did with Jonah.

The third famous voyage was a short one across the Sea of Galilee and involved the disciples and a sleeping Jesus.  As they sailed across the sea, a sudden, violent storm came down on them and the disciples feared for their lives.  They awoke Jesus.  As the Savior stood with wind and rain lashing against Him, He looked out at the crashing waves and rebuked their behavior.  Immediately, the wind and sea calmed.  Once again, the situation brought glory to God.

Each of these voyages involved conflict and danger, and each of them ended up in safety and bringing glory to God.  The voyage of life that we are each on has similarities.  We occasionally undergo conflict and danger, and if we belong to God, He will use these situations to bring glory to His name and victory to our hearts and lives.

Keep your sails trimmed and your eyes on the Captain.  He will keep you on course.  And -- don't forget to enjoy your journey!

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