Saturday, May 31, 2014

Giant Rubber Duck Visits

"Look out!  A giant rubber ducky is sneaking up on me!"  He does look a bit overwhelming -- at 1300 pounds, he loomed up behind me, 40 feet above the placid waters of the Hague -- but no worries, he's anchored to his spot and I've been assured that he has not added Sandras to his diet.

For ten days in May, this unique duck drew thousands and thousands of visitors to see it and to go through the doors of the newly-renovated Museum (in photo below).  The duck's creator Florentijn Hofman has said the duck has "healing properties" because it knows no frontiers, doesn't discriminate and doesn't have a political connotation."  I'd say that's a pretty good thing to say about anyone.

 Since I'm fascinated by this big yellow bird, here are a few more interesting tidbits about him:  Hofman created the giant duck in 2007 to "spread joy around the world."  He keeps a tight rein on where the ducks (there's a few of them) go and gave permission for ducky to make its second United States appearance right here in our little ole hometown (San Francisco has been asking for him, but hasn't gotten permission to display him yet).  Since its creation, there have been 16 other appearances in such places as France, Brazil, Amsterdam, Sydney, Osaka, Hong Kong, Beijing -- and now, here.  We have arrived!  I love it!

I was glad I could take at least two of my grandchildren to see this historic duck in our waters.  Marisa seems to be letting him float atop her hand, while Landon is ignoring the fact that a giant duck is right behind his little self.  Visiting this big yellow bird was fun!

When we think of all the fun and happy times we have on this big old sinful earth, it should excite us all the more when we think how indescribably better life will be when we enter our final home in Heaven.  Life is often delightfully lovely here on this earth God created for us, but life in the perfect home He's created for His children will cause all earthly joys to pale to insignificance in comparison.  Even so, I thank God for the joys He's blessed us with here below -- and for the gracious promises He has in store for us.


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