Sunday, March 9, 2014


Do I look suitably scared in this picture?  You may have noticed, I love to mug for whimsical shots.  If this had been a real-life situation, however, I would have been in a dangerous place.  Notice the two hungry critters, sharp teeth bared, ready to leap down and devour me as they had apparently done with this massive mastodon.  The well-cleaned bones of the ancient elephant attest to an earlier buffet of huge proportions with many a hungry critter in attendance.
Whew!  So glad this was just a neat photo op at one of the Disney hotels in Kissimmee.  Otherwise, "Scary" would not have begun to describe the emotion I'd be feeling!
What scares you in life?  Some people are scared of spiders or snakes, others of heights or tight spaces, while other people are scared to death -- of death itself.
While I'm not eager to die and I hope it won't be painful when it happens, I'm not afraid of death. 
One big reason people are scared to die is that they are unsure where they'll go when it happens.  They either fear hell or, in the case of atheists, extinction; or they just don't know what will happen and fear of the unknown is a biggie too.  Even Christians can be afraid of death for a variety of reasons.
Certainly the ideal death would seem to be at a ripe old age -- in your sleep.  I'd vote for that one, but since I don't have a say in the matter, I'll just trust my beloved heavenly Father who has my days planned to the minute and holds my very breath within His loving hands.  I trust that powerful verse in Timothy 1:12:  "...for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day."
With Christ as my Savior, God as my Father, and the Holy Spirit as my Comforter, and the promise of heaven as my ultimate home -- what's to fear?  "If God be for us, who can be against us?"
Be sure of your ultimate destination and you won't have to fear death either.  It was always Satan's plan for the death of men to be a victory for the dark side since mankind was under the penalty of eternal death after the fiasco in the Garden of Eden.  Then, when Jesus Christ paid that penalty on the cross with His own perfect blood, Satan's hopes of victory were dashed to pieces and God's ultimate plan of salvation was put into place.  Therefore, we say with the apostle Paul, "O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory? ... Thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" 1 Corinthians 15:55 & 57
See you up in heaven some day!

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