Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poem: Broken...and Mended Again

We all grieve when we lose someone in death, but we need to have faith that God will heal and that life will be good again.  These were the thoughts I wanted to encourage my Mother with after Daddy's death when God gave me this poem.  And, sure enough, she healed and life had many good years and good times for her again.  The photo I've included is from New Bern, NC -- butterflies on a flower in the garden of the Governor's Palace.  The butterflies signify a changed and beautiful life.


Our beautiful life together was shattered.
Broken pieces lay around me like silent
reminders of what had been.
Slivers of love and security lay in
one corner, while bits of companionship
and mirth had fallen to the side.
So much of value was irretrievably lost.
I stared at the mess, daunted by
the dreadful destruction of my life.
Dare I pick up the pieces? Dare I try
to put them back together again?
Broken fragments glittered in the sunlight,
as if mocking my loss.
Could the glue of perseverance and hope
hold the fragile pieces together?
Was it possible for life to continue as it had before?

                   ...AND MENDED AGAIN

Hope glimmered at the edge of my mind.
Maybe, just maybe, some of the broken fragments
could be pieced together again.
They might form some semblance of a whole.
Not as they had been before. No.
But still, something good and useful.
I measured the damage, checked out the ruin,
and pulled out my glue gun.
A dash of faith here, a dollop of good-cheer there,
a bit of fortitude spread all around, and voila!
A new existence had been created.
Endurance triumphs over emptiness, and
a whole blossoms from broken pieces.
Cracks still remain, and sometimes the
glue pulls apart at the edges. Nonetheless,
victory has been won and, once again, life is good.

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