Monday, January 10, 2011

The Path of Process

One morning I was feeling spiritually and emotionally "not at peace," and I didn't understand why. I sat reading my Bible and weeping -- not from anything specific, but just a lack of peace.

Only a few days earlier I'd spent a wonderful entire day with Jesus, reading His word, praying, meditating, singing -- it was a real high. Then, three days later, here I was crying. I wondered, why are my needs unresolved? Why has He not shown me the path He has for me and given me peace? Then, I suddenly felt Him say -- "It's a journey, a process. I have things for you to learn along the way." In that moment, an immediate peace descended on me and I smiled through the tears that were still wet on my face. I love the way Jesus personalizes and fashions things just for me (as He will do just for you!). Oh! He is so amazing!!

The photo I've chosen to highlight this "Path of Process" we must all go through in life was taken near Bend, Oregon atop what is called the "Big Obsidian Flow," caused by a long-ago volcanic eruption. Everything you see on the rugged trail I am carefully following is natural glass. What looks like chunks of rock and boulders are actually chunks of glass with ground-up glass and glass rocks poking up along the pathway. It was not a place to fall down! I walked slow and steady as we climbed to the top and then returned back to real land. It was not an easy path to follow at all, but it was quite an experience that I'm glad I took.

It reminds me how carefully we should follow the path of life God has set out before us. There will surely be some chunks of glass along the way, with hills to climb and descents to beware of falling on. There are dangers and it's not always easy, but it is so worth it in the end -- and praise God, He is there walking along the path with us all the way -- ready to help us when we stumble and to cheer us on our way. Thank you so much, dear Father!!

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