Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunset over the Outer Banks

I don't believe I've ever seen such an expansive and beautiful sunset in my life! The entire sky was filled with these puffs of clouds and as the sun slipped near the horizon, God painted every cloud with colors of gold and orange and pink.
I tried to capture the wonder on film and, although the photo did turn out good, the beauty of the moment was too large and magnificent to be placed within the borders of a snapshot.
We had just spent a lovely week at our timeshare in Kill Devil Hills. This was our last night and I thought it was quite amazing that God would bless us with this breathtaking sunset. Tropical storm Hannah had dumped a bit of rain that morning and blown some powerful gusts of wind our way earlier in the day, but by evening there was a peaceful calm -- and then these supernatural brushstrokes across the sky.
What a lovely ending to a grand week of vacation. Thank you, dear Lord!

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  1. I LOVE sunsets! They are what enjoy taking pictures of the most. Yours is lovely


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