My Travels

I love to travel!  Travel enriches my life in so many ways -- seeing the beauties of nature God has created, enjoying unique and grand architecture, observing different cultures and peoples -- generally seeing how other people live and realizing we're all in this together, and that the world is actually small after all.

One of the unusual things I feel as I go from place to place -- whether a grand palace or a wild path through the woods -- is that I own the spot I am standing on at that particular moment in time.  If you think about it, it's true.  Wherever you are standing or sitting -- in those moments that space belongs to you.  With that in mind, the wonderful places we visit become even more meaningful to us.  I feel like I belong and my interest takes on a more personal aspect.  It's a different attitude, I know, but it makes my travels -- both near and far -- richer and more special to me.

Here I am standing in the chilly water of the Mediterranean Sea
on the Costa del sol in Spain. It sure was nice to own a
bit of waterfront property for a few minutes (:

 This rocky walkway is in Rhodes, Greece.  Although the rocks
 have been smoothed and rounded over time, you still must be
 careful walking down the street. I enjoyed owning a bit
of that lovely island for a moment in time.

We spent a few hours wandering around the picture-perfect town of Mykonos, Greece, a port call on one of our cruises.  This little plaza looks so much like a postcard, I could hardly believe I was really standing there gazing at this beautiful view!  Some times when I find myself at spots such as this one, it feels like I'm in a storybook.  It's one of those surreal moments in life that even now, I can hardly believe I was really there. 

Speaking of story books - now this is a true storybook picture.
I took this picture from a bridge just beyond Neuschwanstein
Castle in Germany. This castle had been #1 on my Bucket List
for years and I could hardly believe I was really there, seeing
it in person. We took a guided tour of the castle, and enjoyed
staying in the village with a view of the castle for two nights.
Hmmm, ever owned a castle? Now, I have (:

We visited Monte Carlo, Monaco for one day during a European cruise. What a delight! This photo shows yet another castle - still lived in by the royal Grimaldi family. Guess you can tell I like castles! We toured that one too. It's a bit of a vertical city and we did a lot of climbing, but the views are spectacular. The lifespan of residents there is an astounding 90 years old. Since I "owned" real estate there for a few hours (remember, I toured the castle), do you think I qualify?? 

      Not everyone would include a cemetery on their special travel page, but I'm a cemetery buff, so what can I say? The one above is in Pisa, Italy, in the same field as the famous Leaning Tower. Yes, I was duly impressed with the beautiful Tower, but equally intrigued by this large, elegant cemetery building. This gothic cloister was begun in 1278. It contains many wonderfully carved statues and sarcophagus, as well as hundreds of graves in the floor. This is just a portion of the building.
Here is another cemetery that's high on my list - it's in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetery was begun in 1863. It's located on a fantastic piece of real estate with a killer view (oops! Forgive the pun, I just couldn't resist).
This photo was taken in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  I
consider Colorado perhaps the most beautiful state in our USA -
especially in late September when these magnificent Aspen are
in full color.  It's one of the most beautiful
sights in the entire world!

 Spruce House, Mesa Verde, Colorado
Wandering around these ancient Indian cliff dwellings is
another of those surreal experiences.  They are so
 well-preserved!  It's amazing to think that many
of these Indians lived their entire lives on this hillside,
 never venturing off their plateau.  This is a unique place!

A bit further north from Colorado, we enjoyed a relaxing
cruise in Glacier Bay, Alaska.  Our ship sat beside this massive
bluish-color glacier for over an hour, watching huge chunks
fall into the sea with a sound like a gunshot. 

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